Tinnitus: Noise-induced or Locked Fight or Flight Reaction?

Were you told that your tinnitus was noise induced? Hmm…

There’s another theory. 

Dr. Greuel of Duesseldorf Germany claims that noise-induced tinnitus is generally a “frozen” or “locked” fight or flight response. So, the noise was there, however, the tinnitus itself, whether there was noise or not, is caused by the “locked” stress reaction. 

Noise then becomes “just another stressor,” like the ones from our relationships, jobs, and lifestyles. 

Kind of cool, huh?

Presents a whole new path to healing for some, as it offers the possibility of “once you unlock your fight or flight response, and it comes back into normal function (your facial skin isn’t drawn back, you can smile naturally, you can handle everyday stressors easily, etc.), then the tinnitus will be gone.”

It’s a theory that Dr. Greuel has used with his patients for decades, and in my opinion, it’s worth considering.