site content stolen, maligned…

so, i am now finding out that my visage has been used to promote other people’s products — for the last 5-6 years. at least hundreds of thousands of youtube views, and possibly thousands of products sold.

basically, i am here saying: if you come down with tinnitus, it really is time to take care of yourself properly. and i am recommending learning from people who have been successful at managing, reducing, or eliminating their tinnitus. which i am going to say is a reasonable strategy.

before this archive disappears, here’s a screenshot of a discussion where i was being called a spammer and a scammer.

…basically, to avoid being called any names whatsoever, what i have now done, is i have created an “ powered membership level.” you can register and log in and access the site at no cost, in exchange for viewing adz from time to time. you an also donate and not see any adz.

you can also book paid sessions with professional therapists.

while false hope is certainly a “problem,” i’d say that it is not nearly as toxic as false despair.