Tinnitus remedies can anyone recommend one that really works.?

It is just too sad to stand by and witness my daughter battling to cope with the ringing in her ears! The tinnitus is not the worst though, because she find it hard to get to sleep her overall health seems to be deteriating. It seems to me that because she is always so tired and up tight, she doesn’t get to sleep much and nowdays seems to pick up every sickness that is doing the rounds. Can this be resulting from her tinnitus? I am searching for a tinnitus remedies right now.

What works for one person will not work for another so I will list several strategies here. However, one that seems to provide relief long enough to sleep is white noise so you might want to invest in a white noise machine. Static will often work just as well so you can try a radio set on a static station…no music, just the static.

If your daugher’s tinnitus is untreatable, there are several things she can try to make it less bothersome:
avoid caffeine
avoid nicotine
zinc supplements may help
use a white noise machine or a ticking clock
avoid loud sounds, music and noises
exercise daily (improving her circulation can help)
avoid fatigue as it will intensify the ringing
try to ignore the ringing (easier said than done at first)
if she has a hearing loss, a hearing aid with a “tinnitus masker” may help

The susceptibility to illness would probably have no correlation to the tinnitus itself but it might to the lack of sleep. When we sleep, our bodies rebuild and without adequate rest, her resistance is impacted.

My husband has had tinnitus for years and he said it eventually becomes so much a part of you that you hardly notice it. He had a terrible time in the beginning but now it is just something that is “always there”. Good luck to your daughter and you!

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