Log in, log out, register, watch videos, etc…

well, i’d say the site isn’t working that badly…could you do me a favor and log in and log out, watch some videos, leave some comments, send me a message to my private inbox — maybe click on the members list and send someone a friend request?

oh — and maybe you’d like to be a “featured student?”

also, important: to access the site, you need to register. it’s free. 

i’m tired of even thinking about asking “people with tinnitus” for money — you can donate if you are grateful for the work i’ve done — that option will always be available — and i recently received a donation for which i am deeply grateful — BUT — the people who will “charge” at CureTinnitus.org will be professional counselors and therapists.

at any rate: could you please log in, log out, leave a comment, send a private message from your CureTinnitus.org profile — etc.?

…and let me know if anything seems broken — ok?



  1. Martin

    Hi Dainis

    I have done this anyway from time to time, so that’s what I observed:

    I use about three to four devices with the web site: My desktop machine, my laptop, my iPad and rarely the iPhone. The site does not like this, and complains with “There was an issue with your log in. Your user account has logged in recently from a different location.“. I think this security feature is a bit overzealous. To be useful, it should „remember“ a few browsers and not complain when you use them.

    The site is well polished when I use it with the Mac / Safari. What’s a bit annoying (but probably unsolvable) is that any video starts at the beginning after the „ad break“, and does not resume at the point it got interrupted.

    Using the site with an iPad has its issues. Many things do not look so good, the ad breaks are rather confusing, and the search facility doesn’t seem to work well. Many of these issues are due to WordPress, I believe, so they are quite unsolvable.

    Anyway: You wanted the „broken“ parts, so that’s what I collected. But I do like the site, and it has come back to live quite nicely!

    Thanks! Martin

    1. dainis Post author

      hmm. i do not knowingly have the site set for such “different location” messages, but i did just install some security software, because we’re getting hammered with login attempts. they’ve come in waves before…

      the “video starts anew after ad-break” situation is a known issue, and there may be some steps i can take to have vimeo remember where a video stopped playing. i can look into it, but i have a fairly long list of items i’ve given higher priority to…

      the search feature is currently not working properly — there is some kind of plugin conflict — but once we get it going, it should really work well.

      iPad? well – the theme should be displaying properly. maybe it’s a Safari thing, but i do have pretty much the top-end wordpress theme available installed, so if you want to post some screenshots, you are more than welcome to do so — and i’ll have the tech crew take a look.

      thank you very much for your comment, and i hope the information is helpful to you!

  2. Martin

    I have an ultra simple WordPress site running, and even there I have issues with the iPad. For example, it’s impossible to log in, because this part of the UI is not shown. I always have to force-load the full site, instead of the default mobile rendering. Safari on the Mac works fine, by the way.
    You will need additional security software, no doubt. I don’t know which plugin causes the behavior that I observe. Basically it only allows auto-login (using cookies) from one single browser. After the error message, I just have to shift-reload and then login again, so it’s doable 😉