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Launch topics include:

  • New Tinnitus Recovery Course Created by Julian Cowan Hill
  • Name our course contest!
  • Recently Acquired Tinnitus Roadmap Video Series Product Release
  • Site Redesign

Because this is so important, I’ll copy it here too. Here is the new course outline.

  1. Finding Hope:
    Getting unstuck
    What is the path to getting better
  2. Easing Struggle:
    Opening to change
  3. Accepting your role in tinnitus.
    Orienting to health.
    Tinnitus as a means of letting go.
    Resignation as a path to acceptance.
    The importance of acceptance.
    Accepting responsibility.
    Encouraging people.
    This is a tough level.
    Make it past this one and your chances are good.
  4. Putting your motivation to work
    Gaining Motivation
    Channeling your strength
    Developing things that work
    Putting your motivation to positive use
    Making your motivation work for you.
  5. Letting go:
    It’s all about you’re much better now how to handle the wobbles
    Sh*t happens–how to cope in that situation.
    Letting go if it comes back.
    What to do if it comes back.
    Letting go continuously.
  6. Gaining power over tinnitus.
    Empowerment: Getting empowered. Claiming your power. Feeling empowered. Gaining empowerment. Letting tinnitus empower you. Claiming empowerment.
    Gaining gratitude through empowerment.
    Thank the tinnitus.
    Sit and drop into a deep state of calm.
    Using the tinnitus for health.
    Tinnitus is keeping me on track.
    Trusting the health of tinnitus.
    Gaining power.
  7. Liberation
    Liberating others
    Recognizing the health of tinnitus.
    Being present
    There’s no sense of I’m like this or this is the way I am, it isn’t possible to have tinnitus in that state.

More information on the 2.0 Launch is available here:

Recently Acquired Tinnitus Survival Guide Coming Soon

If you or someone you know has Recently Acquired Tinnitus℠, then please have them come here and register for information about our upcoming “Recently Acquired Tinnitus Survival Guide℠.”

For now, when you subscribe here, you will also be able to register for special complimentary preview access to to get to know our organization better.


You can use the form below to tell your friends about this critical product, and you can fill it out several times to inform multiple friends.

Walk for a Cure

As some of you may already know, the ATA is doing a walk for the cure on May 16, 2009. There is a physical walk in Irvine Regional Park and a virtual walk online.  All donations to to the walk or in support of walkers will help fund research, just like the research going on at UCI. Just go to for more info.

As I am a student/part time worker, money has always been an issue, so I will be a walker and gathering sponsors as well (if anyone is willing to support my walk i would be eternally grateful).  Whether or not the ATA will ever come up with a “cure” is debatable, but more research and treatments couldn’t hurt.

All the best,

-Jeff Dennison

Taming the Mighty Tinnitey Comedy Video Cooperation and Idea Evaluation

I wanted to ask you about possibly the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever done. In attempting to bring a bit of comedy into the tinnitus drama, I created this video called “The Mighty Tinnitey.” It’s here:

But before you even press play (if you haven’t already), it’s been up for a while and has gotten all of 21 hits, and just maybe, deservedly so. It really is totally ridiculous. I don’t even know why I put it out there.

Except that when I just watched it before writing this to you, it made me laugh. Now it’s me making myself laugh and I have no idea if my sense of humor even relates to yours or even comes anywhere close to “normal.” For example, I really like the movie “Galaxy Quest.” Does that make me crazy, goofy, dumb, silly…?

Anyway I had this totally crazy idea, and that is to create a short video together as a community.

The name would be something like: Tinnitus: Tamin’ the Mighty Tinnitey

It would be a cartoon or something like that in which the Mighty Tinnitey gets tamed by taking “him” out of fight or flight and into well-being.

There would be a really loud constant ring that moves into silence over the course of the video.

It would be like a symbol of what we are doing at, and I can do at least some of the voices if not all of them. But I seriously can’t draw. I guess I could use my hands and make some kind of hand-puppet episode, but would that be cool or funny or just plain stupid?

The idea is to tame the “Mighty Tinnitey” with a funny short cartoon/video that we created together as a community.

The opening could feature a second or two of the Tinnitus Characteristics we’ve learned about:

High powered life

then the overachiever turns into the Mighty Tinnitey

Or this amorphous blob energy thing slams down into the person and rages out of his/her ears and the person gets “T.”

We then show the main components of what we are learning at Lifestyle, Therapy, Body Work, Mental, Spiritual, Emotional, Physical levels, Having a Support Network to Let Go into, etc.

…and we tame the Mighty Tinnitey…all in a short funny video.


a) would that be cool?
b) can you help out, because I basically don’t have the skills to do this
c) would it be funny or worth it?

OK…wanted to get that out to you!


Study for University of California, Irvine

Just letting everyone in the community know that I may be able to participate in a study conducted by the UCI team (lead by Dr Qing Tang and Dr Fan- Gang Zeng). They are interested in my case because not only do I have tinnitus, but I also experience some distortion of sound in my left ear (probably due to cochlear and/or nerve damage). UCI has been doing numerous amounts of research related to tinnitus and hearing/speech in general so I’m hoping by participating in the research I can help out as well. I will let you know the latest as time passes.



Wow, is already getting spammed!

Is it a compliment? Well, it’s certainly an annoyance, we’re already getting spammed, and I wonder if there will be any hacking attempts. 

Folks, this is why I’ve created a paid membership community. There needs to be some kind of shield from hacking and spamming, and hack-happy-spam folks won’t pay money just to spam a site. 

This blog will remain up for as long as I can keep it going. If there are any web-savvy tinnitus folks out there who can help, please just get in touch.