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Dear Mr. Shatner,

This message comes to you, because we share a common ailment. I now have personal contact with three people who claim to have cured themselves of tinnitus. It’s possible that there are many more. The community forming at is not one of people waiting to be handed a cure, it is a community of people who take 100% responsibility for their health and who are dedicated to curing themselves of tinnitus. It’s a different philosophy, a profound shift in approach, one that makes no promises and holds no liability, yet one that entrusts and empowers the individual.

And Mr. Shatner, I ask you for your support.

Just yesterday, I created a contact video for you here:

I eagerly await your response.


Dainis W. Michel

How to Register

This is a private club. It is intended for people who take 100% responsibility for themselves, their actions and their health. The site does not offer “a cure,” and doesn’t make any promises, yet if you are committed to curing your own tinnitus, and you want to exchange information with like-minded individuals who are committed to curing themselves, then this is the place for you.

The registration process has a few questions about how long you’ve had tinnitus, and you will be asked to make a monthly donation. If you can’t make a monthly donation at this time, just put in 0.

Members are hand-selected, as this is an exclusive club where courtesy and kindness are of utmost importance!

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Best wishes to you on your journey to optimal health!
Dainis W. Michel

Tinnitus Treasure Video Part I

Tinnitus Treasure Part I (Dedication to being on the empowering path of self healing)

Why Tinnitus is the Best Thing that Ever Happened to You…But Now What?

4 Practical Steps Anyone Can Take to Make Tinnitus into an Empowering, Gratifying, and Healing Experience. 


Tinnitus Cures

Here’s a tinnitus cure you likely never thought of: Forget about treating the tinnitus itself. Just forget it. 

Make a list of every condition and ailment you have. Include things you’re just unhappy about in your life. 

Then, cure everything one by one, as you can, while following your bliss. 

Havin’ a blast, and wishing you the same, 


Is Aggressive Treatment for Tinnitus a Wacky Scam?

Basically, these videos and web pages advertise the eBook:

Geoff Barker’s 11 Proven Techniques to Stop Tinnitus, which I reviewed here:

Now, the book ain’t bad, and if you’re looking for a starting point, by all means, get the book. But it isn’t aggressive, and “aggressive” treatments, in my opinion, are the last thing a tinnitus patient needs.

We need “peaceful” treatments, joyful treatments, and compassionate practitioners, partners, and listeners.

The whole idea of putting the word “aggressive” into the marketing mix just seems inappropriate to me.

So, it’s not really a scam, but I don’t think it’s helpful.

Try the book for a few tips, it does come with a guarantee.

Tinnitus: How am I supposed to clean my ears without candling or putting anything into my ears?

If you do your research, medical advice websites and home encyclopedias recommend that you clean the outside of your ears, and some make sure that you don’t try ear candling.

Here are some questions:

If the passageways from my outer ear to my inner ear to my nasal/sinus cavities are clogged up due to pollution and other factors, why should I not put “anything” into my ears?

If people put oil into their ears and it helps the wax come out, thus supporting the natural process of the ear cleaning itself…why shouldn’t I do that? Also, why would the medical community have so much advice about leaving ear cleaning to professionals? I mean, am I going to jab some kind of object in my ear? I’m not foolish. As a matter of fact, I’m just talking about putting oil into my ears. AND, you can even BUY ear oils. Now just because something is available for sale does not mean that one should purchase or use it, but it seems to me that the whole idea of “leave your ears to the professionals” takes the power away from the person whose ears they actually are.

Why would doctors advise their patients against ear candling? Because they may burn themselves or their home? Well, maybe their patients can handle fire responsibly. What about benefit to the ears?

Doesn’t it make sense that having clean ears and nasal passages is a good idea for everyone, not just people with tinnitus?

Cheers and many blessings!


Tinnitus: Noise-induced or Locked Fight or Flight Reaction?

Were you told that your tinnitus was noise induced? Hmm…

There’s another theory. 

Dr. Greuel of Duesseldorf Germany claims that noise-induced tinnitus is generally a “frozen” or “locked” fight or flight response. So, the noise was there, however, the tinnitus itself, whether there was noise or not, is caused by the “locked” stress reaction. 

Noise then becomes “just another stressor,” like the ones from our relationships, jobs, and lifestyles. 

Kind of cool, huh?

Presents a whole new path to healing for some, as it offers the possibility of “once you unlock your fight or flight response, and it comes back into normal function (your facial skin isn’t drawn back, you can smile naturally, you can handle everyday stressors easily, etc.), then the tinnitus will be gone.”

It’s a theory that Dr. Greuel has used with his patients for decades, and in my opinion, it’s worth considering.

Cure Tinnitus Community Voluntary Monthly Donation Model, no one is turned away…what do you think?

Since we’re just getting this community going, we have a lot of options at this time. How about a voluntary monthly donation model, with a suggested monthly donation of $20?

If you can’t afford it, just ask and gain admission. You contribute later, based on your satisfaction.

What do you think?

Is it possible?