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Dear person with tinnitus: How much of your budget is really for you?


If you have tinnitus, I invite you to ask yourself, “how much of your budget is really for you?” If you know know someone who has tinnitus, but don’t have it yourself, I invite you to assess how much of that person’s money goes to him/herself, and how much goes to others. 

There are likely people with tinnitus, who might have “mirrors” or “reflections” of issues with giving and receiving, however, I invite you to contemplate victim and sacrificial patterning along with your treatment of tinnitus or your support of someone with tinnitus. Maybe you have tinnitus, but drive everyone around you into serving you. Maybe you have tinnitus, and you relentlessly serve others without receiving. 

So, that’s why I ask, how much of your budget is really for you?

Budgeting is a “result” of your internal patterning…so I could also ask…how much of your time is really for you?

  • Do these questions speak to you? 
  • In what way?

Tinnitus Patient Characteristics

After working with Dr. Greuel in Germany, who has treated tens of thousands of tinnitus patients, I realized that I fit the “character type” for patients that wind up seeing Dr. Greuel. It’s possible that Dr. Greuel’s tinnitus patient character analysis may be accurate, and I will do my best to recount it here. I loaned Dr. Greuel’s books to someone who moved away without giving them back, so I have to do my best to remember:

Tinnitus patient characteristics:

  • Teachers
  • Doctors
  • Musicians
  • Business owners
  • Serve others at their own expense
  • Are sometimes “too” punctual or “too” something, which often leads to excellent results…at the patient’s expense
  • Take a lot of responsibility on their shoulders (especially responsibility for others)
  • High-stress jobs, lifestyle, difficult to relax
  • Have stressors and pressures in their relationships
  • High expectations of self and others
There are others as well, but I can’t remember right now.
Instead of lowering our standards, is there a way to have healthy high standards?
Is there a way to take care of others while taking care of ourselves?
Do you fit any of these characteristics? What additional characteristics do you think contribute to your tinnitus?

Why cure tinnitus when you can cure everything else?


With going to a doctor and saying “I have tinnitus” generally causing the response “too bad for you, what time is it, I have to go to lunch, that’s a complicated disease, there’s no cure, you have to live with it, now I really have to go.”

Why not try the following strategy:

Cure everything else you have. 

  1. List every disease or condition you have.
  2. List everything you’re happy and unhappy about in your life. 
  3. Cure all of your diseases and conditions
  4. Bring yourself into a state of happiness with your life. 

For example, I had allergies before I came down with tinnitus. Now I don’t have allergies anymore. I had some kind of pre liver condition. Now I don’t anymore. I still have muscular-skeletal issues to work out…so I’m doing that. 

No use crying over my tinnitus, if I still have other conditions to work on…know what I mean?


PS: Of course, the goal is: once all of the underlying conditions are taken care of, the tinnitus will be gone. It’s working so far.

The difference between being sick and having been made sick

In the early 21st century, we are awakening to the difference between being sick and having been made sick. Do you really “have” a condition or disease if you’ve been exposed to toxic fumes, food, water, air, and products? If your body is overloaded with toxins and parasites, and you trusted the authorities to provide you with a healthy foods, good air, safe products, and nourishing water…does that make you sick, or are you sick because you were “made” to be sick?

Review of Geoff Barker’s 11 Proven Techniques to Stop Tinnitus

I bought Geoff Barker’s 11 Proven Techniques to Stop Tinnitus a few days ago and here’s what I think of it. If you aren’t familiar with the book, you can check it out here:

Geoff Barker’s Cure for Tinnitus eBook

I read it quickly, as it is not very long. Here’s my impression.

  1. I like the tone in that Geoff’s perpective is that we do not need to live with our tinnitus
  2. It’s a clear, quick read
  3. I knew a lot of the information already, however I was not aware of some of the herbal supplements he suggests
  4. Contains good old-fashioned common sense
  5. Gives hope
  6. Worth it, but not a real “be-all end-all” solution

Basically, if you buy the book, don’t think that you’ll really have everything you need and you won’t need to “do” any more. The book will prompt you to take particular action, and it is important that you pursue actions that feel and are “right” for you.