Reaches Out To David Letterman

Healing from tinnitus is relevant for many people, and David Letterman has talked openly about having tinnitus. We’d be happy to show David around our community to see how he likes it and whether his support could help us not only help him…but others as well…

How Many Members Do We Have Right Now?

A member just asked, and we are completely transparent here at

that shows how many have come through. We have about 100 unique visits per day, 600 free subscribers, and right, now, we have between 30 and 40 paying members.

it makes it more of a “break even” kind of organization…things will and would be much easier, if we had 500 members…but we don’t right now…

we’re #1 in google for cure tinnitus, and #4 for just “tinnitus,” and people who say I’m raking in the bucks off of other peoples’ pain are so deeply clueless it’s not even funny. frankly, with the server, programming, and other fees, just paying Julian has often been a struggle.

“Tinnitus” is not showing itself, currently, to be a real “market.” It has contains aggressive, angry, impoverished, overwhelmed, and often extreme people. At one point using Google Analysis tools, I found out that people with tinnitus are essentially either rich or broke. does that surprise you? it does not surprise me.

Also, I have received quite a few desperate emails from people on the brink of taking their own lives. Should anyone be in that position, please consider calling a crisis line. That’s what they are there for. Statistics show that when people enter a suicidal state, it’s often just a matter of getting over a “hump,” and then the people go on to live normal lives. Still, I am personally not trained in suicide prevention, and the length, personal nature, and deep depression of some of these letters has sometimes left me concerned and sleepless. I now have a bit of a structure built in, where such depression is intended to be brought to appropriate crisis lines and professionals. I’ve had many emails of gratitude and joy…and as a non-therapist founder…as the coordinator of this site…I feel we have a sound, loving, heartfelt, and effective community here…

However, much of my work here is currently unpaid, and quite spiritually strenuous. Not the least of which is dealing with the rage of people I’ve come to call “Tinnitus Forum Tyrants,” who might just be “Human Embodiments of Tinnitus That SPREAD Tinnitus.”

There is a part of me that does not currently feel justly compensated for the work we are doing here…which means that every email of gratitude or voluntary donation (or members who purchase two memberships and just leave it like that in gratitude)…those things really fuel our organization and are incredibly helpful.

…as small as we are now, we are making a huge impact.

That is clear. We’re starting to be reviewed be the national tinnitus associations around the world, and eventually, we will rightfully take our place among them. I feel strongly that we deserve AT LEAST as much money in grants and donations as the American Tinnitus Association, mostly because of my approach of studying what works, what has worked for others, what heals, what helps, and NOT studying disease, pain, symptoms, etc.

That is a unique approach (oddly enough), as logical, functional, and scientifically sound as it is.


Finding Relaxing YouTube Videos

I just recorded a little video on how I find a nice variety of meditation music on YouTube. I search for meditation music (sometimes even more specifically than that) or meditation music nature, or meditation music happy or … get creative. Then I select the down arrow for search options and choose playlists. If you have an up-to-date browser, those playlists should play automatically, and the videos should load one after the other…here is a video on how to do it: enjoy!

Cure Tinnitus Show #24

Here’s is our first Video NewsFlash! Let’s keep things moving, orient ourselves to well being, and continue to talk about what’s working for you…

Member Preparatory Video Available Below

…Members see a video above…

Continuing to use our four Program Guidelines listed below…

You’re invited to focus in on your situation, your stressors, the tinnitus, your therapy plan, etc. and relate those to our four Program Guidelines, which are:

1) Effective, relaxing, wonderful body-based therapy that works for you (CST, massage, physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture…etc. your choice do what works)

2) Effective relaxing mental/spiritual/emotional counseling or…Members can continue reading guidelines…


Cure Tinnitus Show #23

After this experience:

…this was a relaxing and helpful show…

NOTE: the dailystrength link is no longer active. Basically, what happened was that really angry, trolling, negative, anonymous profiles started blasting me personally. It was horrible 🙁

Comments Questions and Situations…

Hi Dainis,

After a short period of T-free happyness, my T (scale 4/10) came back for a few weeks (stressfull times, bought a house etc..). Did lots of relaxation exercises, stretching and yoga and now it’s gone again (scale 1/10).

I would like to ask Julian about the following:
Each time I do my relaxation or meditation exercises I can feel my upper body shift into another position. My shoulder, back- and neckmuscles calm down and relax after a few seconds of relaxation. When they do, my head immediately feels free from tension around the jaws and the back of the head. I think this means I walk around with to much muscletension all day. What can I do to keep these important muscles relaxed during the day while workig etc.

Keep up the good work!!!

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Tinnitus Forum Tyrants

Tinnitus Forum Tyrants who discount, discredit, and abuse while firmly holding onto the false belief that there is ‘nothing you can do’ about tinnitus or that ‘you just have to learn to live with it,’ or who offer compassion solely based on the underlying assumption that tinnitus is incurable, such individuals do untold damage to our world, they even hold some personal accountability for unnecessary suicides as those stricken with tinnitus go through the process of panic and anxiety (often associated with Early Onset Cases or Recently Acquired Tinnitus).

Whether it is ego, pain, trauma, psychosis, or some other underlying reason, these “Tinnitus Forum Tyrants” manipulate forum visitors into a state of helplessness and victimization. They ignore facts, reason, as well as the science behind “getting better.” Instead of helping people cope with where they are now and helping them take steps towards well being, these tyrants function as toxic magnets of hopelessness, spreading a disease of dismay to all exposed to them. Is it that misery loves company? Why are they even there, and what can be done?”

What can be done about Tinnitus Forum Tyrants who spread dismay and misery and hopelessness?

If you encounter a Tinnitus Forum Tyrant, please feel free to post here. Some Tinnitus Forum Tyrants function as kind and compassionate…SOMETIMES…but if you happen to write something that gets their goat…WATCH OUT!

Would it make sense to expose the posts of Tinnitus Forum Tyrants here or would that just cause a lot of negativity and attack here at

Module 5 Summary and Video

When you reach Level 4, you are Letting go. Congrats on coming this far…

The following video gives you guidelines for how to continue your path towards complete liberation from tinnitus.

Level 5: Letting go

  • Module: Letting go
  • Tinnitus is like a: Therapist. Reflects the way you feel inside and how you treat/manage yourself
  • Effect on life: T deepens self- knowledge and ability to witness the way you are
  • (more…)

Cure Tinnitus Show #22

Recorded on July 26th, 2010.

suffering from tinnitus last over 10 yrs. had been suffering from irritability and depression further intrested for treatment possible

I just wanted to share the success I am having with tinnitus treating it with low level laser light therapy. It’s really something you should talk about on your site. It’s the only thing that has worked for me. My tinnitus has gone from a 7-8 to a very livable 1-3. The laser light stimulates the nerves to heal. In my case I have some hearing loss and it is getting better too. Are you familiar with Dr. Wilden’s work in Germany? His link is or and

I am having treatment locally at an acupuncurist. There are also home kits for sale.

I have emailed back and forth with a few of his patients and they have all had success as well.

Anyway- just wanted to share this. It may help many who are suffering from tinnitus.

I haven’t seen anything on here that mentions anything about curing tinnitus. I have one of the most severe cases my doctor has ever seen. It keeps getting louder and louder. It never has really distressed me to the point that I hear others talk about but it is louder, much louder than the world around me. I can’t even go to moderately loud places or be in crowds where many people are talking…even with good ear plugs in. They keep ringing louder despite protection/ear plugs. I think that my calmness about it is due to my Zen practice but it does prevent me from going many places and doing many things. It is that bad. I have other serious health problems and am flat broke so I am wondering if you have “scholarships” for people who do not have the money?

First of all, I can’t thank you enough! It really means a lot to me that you would understand my situation and help me out like this. I can assure you I will be involved 100% and I take this very seriously and am willing to do whatever it takes to make it go away, make me not pay attention to it… whatever!

Just let me know what to do from here… you said you had to set up my account, so please let me know when you get around to doing that.

As for my question, other then the obvious of, will it ever go away? can it be cured? I always wonder, what I have to do to make it worse. I am in the studio a lot and most of the time the music is at low volume… sometimes it gets loud but not drastically. It scares me to think that something I may be overlooking could make it worse. At concerts, will ear plugs do enough? I wear ear plugs at the movies also… Basically, I know what I can do to make it not get worse, but what will actually make it worse?

Also, I am a songwriter/producer from … [personal info withheld] …

Hi, I absolutely love your site and thank you for bringing Julian to light, he is incredible!
I have had very low tinnitus for 7 months, I was a reallly anxious person before tinnitus. Very fast to go into fight or flight. Never really took it seriously enough to change.
SO NOW I am freaked, scared and very nervous about tinnitus, mainly because I feel that it is out of my control.
I have watched many videos on the site.
I don’t; know if there is any special or specific video I should be watching?
I am also depressed over the tinnitus. Every where I go I can only focus on it.
On a brighter not , I have had days where It completely goes away.
BUT I did also have pretty bad health anxiety BEFORE the tinnitus, so I imagine tinnitus is like my nervous system imploding after at least 8 years of bad adrenaline fight or flight anxiety.

Not sure right now if you are a member or not, however, I really want to compliment you on your understanding of tinnitus, where you are with it, and how you got to where you are.

You “might” be the Jen B. client that recently came on board, not sure. If so, you are in good hands and with this site, Jen, and Julian, I am quite happy to participate in your progress. Glad to have you around!

Dig up the 4 main guidelines we talk about at, if you can’t find them let me know, and let’s keep talking about what helps you get better.

Best and good for you,
thank you so much, i appreciate your work so very much. thank you, just up tossing turning and anxious.
Hi Dainis,
How can I get over feeling very scared of tinnitus. every times I hear it I go into fight or flight. Causing a very bad cycle. can you recommend anything from your site?


With all the computer mess going on, I don’t have the right version, but as a member you get this eBook:

(LINK Archived)

I’ll send you the newer version later, but the clenching and relaxing exercise on p. 32 is great.

Also, if you let

Cure Tinnitus Show #19

download completely (or download from one of these links)

(LINKS Archived)

…and at about minute 67, Julian takes me through an exercise that helps you when you are having problems falling asleep.

tinnitus is a huge wake up call . i was really a nervous anxious obsessive mess. tinnitus is saying to me that my body does not like living in that state although i got very addicted to it. adrenaline..
thanks soooooooo much,

Subject: Re: severely anxious over tinnitus

Yes, here is my suggestion: do your best to cuddle up, take good care of yourself, and read through Julian’s eBook. If you can, do the exercises…the better and worst list…the clenching and relaxing…the running commentary…these are very settling exercises that come from a therapist who healed himself.

Also, think about these four simple guidelines:

1) Relieving, happy, helpful body based therapy like CST or massage or…that settles you
2) Relieving, happy, loving mental/spiritual/emotional help like psychotherapy, counseling or other support work
3) Personal actions and inactions that feel great for you
4) Building a network of support around you, loving friends, good therapists, and hey…a pet or a neighbor’s pet?

So, if things get overwhelming…reach out for more help. This team is incredible:

Take things a step at a time…you may have a slow exit from tinnitus, a fast one, a spiky one with upheavals, we don’t know…but you’ve committed to helping yourself…you are here…you are asking for help and receiving it

Just email support, likely, won’t be enough in the long term…but once you apply all 4 guidelines in your life…you’ll literally be surrounded by loving caring support. And that can only feel good.

For motivation, check out the interviews at, in general, people wind up grateful for having had tinnitus. It is a great gift.

Peace and smiles from Vienna,
exactly right. you are doing very very well. what soothes you? also, do send me a question or summary of your situation for Monday’s show…


i really hope this works. when or if i join this(most likely when) that my tinnitus will go away. i would like to know how long it would take, like on average how long does it take, my tinnitus is brand new and i don’t want it to get worse since im still young and im sure that i will have alot of tragic emotional moments to make it worse when i get older. im thinking a little too much right now, just to draw the attention away from the noise, and its causing me to feel a little tense around the neck and shoulder area.

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