Tinnitus: From Tyrant to Friend (eBook) by Julian Cowan Hill

This book shows you how to let go of tinnitus and charts the landmarks of progress you make as you get better. You will find specific techniques to help distract, focus and relax you, so that you can manage this condition better. Julian developed these techniques to master his own tinnitus, and fine-tuned them working over many thousands of hours with clients. In this book you will find the fruits of many hours of research, study and clinical experience condensed into a manageable and positive approach to helping tinnitus.

You are recommended to print off a copy as you may need to refer back to the techniques frequently, until they become second nature. This is a book to dip into over a period of months and absorb slowly, as well as a quick initial read in passing. (more…)

Cure Tinnitus Show #17

Cure Tinnitus Show Episode #17
2010: Monday March 1, 2:00PM GMT (London Time).

Member Questions and call for folks to send me questions for Paul Carrington of Banish Tinnitus.

My tinnitus is initially very mild last Feb. when I first notice it. I have to go to a very quiet toilet and close the door to hear it. The other time would be before I go to bed and waking up in the morning when my bedroom is very quiet. My wife told me she had much worse tinnitus in her since the teenage year but she was never bothered with it. Now she only hear it when I complain. But somehow, I could never take my mind off it.

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Cure Tinnitus Show #15

Cure Tinnitus Show Episode #15 was recorded Monday January 11, 2:00PM GMT (London Time). Thank you for your questions, participation, and for your kind feedback.

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I do have a potential question or two for the next one:

1. Julian (or “Jules” 🙂 ) often talks about a personality type (“driven, focused, successful”) that he encounters in his practice and mentions that it is very typical for tinnitus sufferers. What about those who are not driven or focused, who lack motivation and have not been particularly successful in terms of their careers, who still suffer from tinnitus?

2. Julian often refers to “body work”. Is he mainly referring to cranio sacral therapy or is he including yoga, pilates, etc.?

I just wanted to thank you for another good discussion and know that it means so much to know you and Julian are there.

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Cure Tinnitus Show #14

Dear CureTinnitus.org Community,

The 14th Cure Tinnitus Show took place on Monday, Nov 23d, 2009 at 2PM GMT (London Time). Your questions, comments, input, and suggestions for topics helped guide us to a settling and helpful show. Thank you!

Julian and Dainis

Discussion included: Sometimes, you hear of a person who has some sort of break-through moment, and the tinnitus vanishes as quickly as it came. It is hard not to seek such a “moment.” However, from reading Julian’s book, it strikes me, that this is frequently not how things happen (in fact, I remember him saying that often while one is processing his or her issues that the tinnitus might even get or seem worse as we confront ourselves, even in our “negative” aspects. And I wonder if there can be some danger …

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