All of the videos work on the site again…

After several weeks of painstaking effort, all of the videos work again. I needed to fish them out from various locations, upload them, etc. I still need to update the site architecture a bit, and then the site will be “up and running again.”

Come on by, you can join for free. Also, alums and graduates — of course you are welcome back without any charges whatsowever!

Am I being foolish by just making the whole site free? (more…)

site content stolen, maligned…

so, i am now finding out that my visage has been used to promote other people’s products — for the last 5-6 years. at least hundreds of thousands of youtube views, and possibly thousands of products sold.

basically, i am here saying: if you come down with tinnitus, it really is time to take care of yourself properly. and i am recommending learning from people who have been successful at managing, reducing, or eliminating their tinnitus. which i am going to say is a reasonable strategy.

before this archive disappears, here’s a screenshot of a (more…)

All of the Cure Tinnitus Show Videos are Working…again… :-)

well wow…that was pretty grueling. but every single show video works again:

we also have a FaceBook group

this was a memorable show:

…to watch the show, just log in with FaceBook, or login using your old profile.


All of these Cure Tinnitus Shows Work Again… Rejuvenation (Newsletter #03)

Dear Family,

…i’ve updated the links and video serving tech setup for Cure Tinnitus Shows 17-28 now. A few old members have reached out to say thnx for our work, which feels wonderful 🙂

if you’re a previous member, feel free to comment and let us know how you’re doing!

the rest of the site will come online over the course of the next few days/weeks.

…we’re close 🙂


Adz.World Powered Rejuvenation (Newsletter Email)

It’s rickety, it’s bumpy, but it’s…
From (

After a billion and a half years (I’ll tell you why some other time), a completely imperfect, pretty much almost functional version of is available online — and guess what?

After years of prayer and meditation, I figured out what to do about payment! People can either join as powered members (which requires adz views), or you can become a paying member to have an adz-free experience!

If you are a graduate of our program, and you’d like to be a featured student, or if you’d like to help others get better from tinnitus, please let me know 🙂

If you are a tinnitus therapist and would like to offer a course at — please just get in touch.

If your registration breaks, just click reload or drop me a line via email. Now, even though the current setup is a bit wonky, I really powered-up the site and likely within a week — it will be optimized and rearing to go again.

Feel free to register — or login — and find broken content or videos, and complain as much as you want — I’ll fix the broken stuff and please do your best to find it LOL!

…been putting in massive hours to get things this far, so even though everything isn’t exactly as it should be, feel free to head on over to and register! Did I mention that FaceBook registration works? It registers you directly for the powered membership level 🙂

Graduates, Alums, Therapists, etc., just drop me a line if you don’t want to view adz. I have it set for adz to show every 731 seconds.

Also, if you have recommendations for adz we should definitely feature, again, please feel free to drop me a line.

It’s a great relief to have a structure that not only allows (or requires) payment, but that can be accessed in exchange for advertising views without payment. It was extremely challenging for me to think of myself as someone who was “shutting people out,” and that issue basically caused the site to limp for many years.

And with, the issue is gone!

Looking forward to connecting with all of you again, if your login works, drop me a message within the member area (which is much better now).


dainis w michel

Here’s How You Can Promote

Here are a few ways you can promote

  1. Make a testimonial about your experience with the Program
  2. Become an affiliate at and promote our membership programs
  3. Tell family and friends about your experience as a members of the Community
  4. Post in your preferred social media networks about and the help you received
  5. You can even share your complete tinnitus story, however it’s going…
  6. You can interview your doctors or therapists and post the interviews at (we’ll host the audio/video — or link to your interview)
  7. The best way to promote, frankly, is to do the actual work — to follow the 5 Program guidelines in your daily life and relax.

As always, understand that it is OK to have tinnitus at whatever degree of severity it is for you now. Simply take care of yourself properly, and move forward — towards health and well being. While complete remission may seem like it’s a long way away, feeling a bit better, is only a few steps away.