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Tinnitus Forum Tyrants

Tinnitus Forum Tyrants who discount, discredit, and abuse while firmly holding onto the false belief that there is ‘nothing you can do’ about tinnitus or that ‘you just have to learn to live with it,’ or who offer compassion solely based on the underlying assumption that tinnitus is incurable, such individuals do untold damage to our world, they even hold some personal accountability for unnecessary suicides as those stricken with tinnitus go through the process of panic and anxiety (often associated with Early Onset Cases or Recently Acquired Tinnitus).

Whether it is ego, pain, trauma, psychosis, or some other underlying reason, these “Tinnitus Forum Tyrants” manipulate forum visitors into a state of helplessness and victimization. They ignore facts, reason, as well as the science behind “getting better.” Instead of helping people cope with where they are now and helping them take steps towards well being, these tyrants function as toxic magnets of hopelessness, spreading a disease of dismay to all exposed to them. Is it that misery loves company? Why are they even there, and what can be done?”

What can be done about Tinnitus Forum Tyrants who spread dismay and misery and hopelessness?

If you encounter a Tinnitus Forum Tyrant, please feel free to post here. Some Tinnitus Forum Tyrants function as kind and compassionate…SOMETIMES…but if you happen to write something that gets their goat…WATCH OUT!

Would it make sense to expose the posts of Tinnitus Forum Tyrants here or would that just cause a lot of negativity and attack here at

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Dainis W. Michel


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teenage tinnitus can you help me?

hello, dainis
i have had tinnitus for just about 2 months now at first it was a semi soft non constant buzzing (small timed bursts) sound, i went to the doctor and he said it’s probably just a side effect from my last sinus infection which was in the last week of march, then 1 day after taking the medicine that was given to me, my buzzing sound went away, but i had a whole new sound in the opposite ear, now it was a constant soft low pitch ringing sound (i think in the background of the ringing sound, i heard a morse code sound aswell) i went to the doctor again and he said it should go away within a week but i waited 2 weeks and nothing it was the same sound, then i went to my “actual doctor” and she told me that in order to diagnose my tinnitus, i have to go to a nose and ear specialist, she thinks it’s because i drink WAY too much caffine (i love caffine) or because i listen to loud sounds all the time. now i met with her 3 weeks ago and i still haven’t gone to the specialist yet, (im afraid to go because im afraid they’ll tell me it’s incureable) do you think i should go ASAP or what im only bearly 17 and i really don’t want to live with this fucking sound for all my miserable life, (pardon the langauge but im very mad at myself for letting this happen too soon and too fast) now i met with this old man who had chornic tinnitus for over 10 years (one of my dads very good friends) and that he healed himself with 3 bottles of “tinni fix” over the course of 3 to 4 months, an unoffical pill that is “proven” to relief and take away tinnitus permenatly” now i really don’t what to do either take the pill or go to a specialist, please i need someone’s opinion (not family not close friends) i have really just thought about suicide, but i just don’t know i pray to god for a cure, (but i know it’ll never come, not in my life time that is) well anyway i hope you can help me, thank you and have a nice day (i now i won’t) :'(

reprinted anonymously with the author’s permission


well, suicidal thoughts are common at the outset of tinnitus, actually doing the act is something completely different. if you are ever motivated to go that far, i strongly suggest you seek help from a local or national crisis center.

i just looked up and and i’ll tell you the listening ear center in Lansing has been a real blessing in my life personally, so i recommend them highly.

now, since you are working through the issue and looking for answers, let’s leave ending your life as an option on the table, but evaluate whether it’s worth it:

1) tinnitus can be healed, i’m WAY WAY better than at onset, i’ve interviewed a good number of people who have healed themselves, and there are people who are available that can help.

So, looking at that one: sure, your docs may “say” it’s incurable, but just watch my is tinnitus curable video. If they say that, then they are simply wrong. They don’t have the facts. In a sense, you’d be killing yourself due to someone else’s ignorance.

2) you are currently in a lot of pain
Yes, you are, if you watch the interviews of people who used to have tinnitus, it’s the same story. We know how much it sucks, how much it hurts, how disorienting it can be…and we know how awesome it feels to get onto the other side of tinnitus.

Looking at that one: you could end your life due to your current pain level. Some people do that. But there are lots of people who’ve gotten through that pain to the other side, who’ve learned a whole lot about health and themselves in the process, and who literally FEEL GREAT and feel GRATEFUL for having had tinnitus.

Which group do you want to be a part of? The group that said “ahh, hurts too much, bye?” or the group that said “i can make it” and then wound up feeling BETTER THAN EVER?

3) You are young and have “this thing.”
Yes you are, and you listen to loud music and drink a lot of caffeine. Your body is already guiding you to the solution. Are you going to listen to your body or destroy your body?

4) You don’t want to take some pill
OK, are there any other options? When in crisis, we sometimes only see ONE option, when there are in fact many.

5) You pray for a cure but know it will never come
OK, if that is your stance, why bother writing to me? I don’t need to know about you then. You can go about your dealings in your own way, if you want to base your decisions on beliefs that do not reflect facts, then that is your choice. Does that make sense? The path “out” from tinnitus is a process and not “a cure,” but that path does exist and many have walked it. You don’t have to believe BS. Really. Ask yourself if it serves you.

6) You don’t want to go to a specialist
OK, which specialist do you not want to go to? If you don’t want to go to a specialist who can’t help you, that makes sense. If you don’t want to go to a specialist who CAN help you, then that is something else entirely. If that is your stance again, why bother writing to me?

Here are the guidelines we use at

1. Build a network of support (relaxing, helpful, funny)
2. Get appropriate and relaxing body work (massage, cranio sacral, etc., find what suits you)
3. Get appropriate and relaxing counseling (psychotherapy, counseling, etc., find what suits you)
4. Do your personal relief stuff, get the rest you need, go on those walks, take time out for yourself, yes, do some stuff for yourself.

Frankly, that sounds umm…relaxing, centering, and FUN to me. I mean, you get to actually start healing from your “stuff,” you get to relax and have fun, and you start hanging out with really supportive people.

Anyway, now that I think about it, can I use your email as a post at my site (anonymously of course), because I get a lot of these kinds of emails and it would be great if the info were right there…especially if someone is thinking about suicide…you know?

You’re almost 18, but for now, I urge you to have a parent, guardian, friend, or relative help you subscribe to here:

Start Healing From Tinnitus

…you can scroll to the bottom of the page and there is a trial for $1 for one month. then take that month really seriously in your life. absorb the info and then see if it’s fair of you to continue on and not only pay for membership, but for the other therapies outlined in our 4 guidelines.



Dissatisfaction With


I’ve decided to create a post where people can submit comments of dissatisfaction with Also, when I receive an angry, frustrated, or otherwise negative email, I plan to post them (anonymously for the email sender) here.

That way, I can respond publicly to common fears about being a scam.

Here’s an angry email I recently received from a member who, I think, recently canceled membership. I’ve also added my replies:

Why am I not able to see the video show with the Jennifer?
–It’s possible that you are not viewing the link while logged in. You can log in under Member Control Panel at the home page or here:
You have promised to interview her on tinnitus show 19 and you have changed your mind.
–This phenomenon is called “projection.” You are telling me that I changed my mind, even though I have not. You are not checking whether I’ve changed my mind, you are telling me that it is so. Not only did I not “change my mind,” but the interview took place 11 days ago on May 19th, 2010, and I sent two emails to the community to let everyone know (and there is actually a nice member discussion going on over there). The link is here:
Let me remind you that you have promised Jennifer or another interviewee in one of previous shows a long time ago and you cancelled it.
–Yes, and I fulfilled my promise. Again, you are telling me that I canceled something that I did not. This is a psychological error in logic. I hope you work on your projections, so that you can be on solid ground in your communications with others and yourself. The interview was delayed with good reason, reasons that make your comments insulting to me.
Julian  (although he is good and reassuring)is talking about specific peripherial questions which may not concern some of your subscribers.
–Again, you say that Julian is talking about specific peripheral questions. Are you right about that? These “definitions of is” without checking lead people to serious difficulties in their relationships and their lives. I’m glad I know that now, and I hope you can come to realize that you are using a logically flawed structure that does not serve you well. It does not bring you to health, well being, or greater understanding of self or others. Frankly, it creates pain. We are currently testing the hypothesis at, that member relief is directly proportional to their application of our 4 main guidelines for tinnitus treatment. How are you doing with those? If your email to me has this many false projections stated as truth, I suggest you address these issues with your psychotherapist or mental health professional. If your psychotherapist can’t help you come to a more clear understanding of logic and sound communication with yourself and others, you might consider interviewing some other psychotherapists.
In general,since we know that tinnitus is a multidisciplinary problem,-you have to bring as many intrviewees as possible.
–I find you telling me what I “have to” do pretty rude. We have, I think, 5 or so expert interviews at this time. That’s a lot. I’m more than happy to have you interview tinnitus professionals and would consider posting your interviews at Also, you can nominate health practitioners to be interviewed, which is how we wound up connecting with Jennifer Battigliano. Maybe try making a suggestion as to whom you would like us to interview? Can you see how that would serve both of us, and the community…much better?
If you really want to help people you have to search thoroughly for interviewees from the whole spectrum such as TRT,cognitive behavioral therapists,Kevin Hogan,nutritionists etc.
–Do you have any idea how much time, effort, and money I’ve put into this site? Also, I suggest you try asking before complaining. We have a lot of that kind of information available, and ahh…now I know where the “rub” is here. You are saying “if you really wanted to help people, you have to.” Again, that falls under something called a projection, and actually, if falls under what Patricia Evans, author of “The Verbally Abusive Relationship” defines as abuse. I strongly suggest you check out this website: and begin to remove verbal abuse from your communication.
The reason your words are abusive, is because I DO REALLY WANT TO HELP PEOPLE, and I have interviewed the types of people you are talking about, I’ve reached out to them as well, I’ve gotten in touch with every national tinnitus association in the world…I mean honestly…I find you saying “If you really wanted to help people,”  incredibly rude.
Instead you send us links to a nutritional program which costs a lot of money (and most probably you get a commission from them).To tell you the truth,this project may have started as a “helping community” without a profit, BUT now it seems that it is organized completely like a “greedy” company.
–Our program is based on giving you a month in advance, you only pay if you are happy. If you aren’t happy, cancel and don’t pay. That is the least greedy structure I could come up with. I dedicated so much of my life money blood tears and sweat into creating that your response has me feeling very angry. Greedy? Really? I am very sorry you see us that way, but I cannot help it. If you wanted to know more of the “backstory” about, you could find out. But greed is the last thing on my mind, and I’ve lived on almost “unlivably” low income for over a year to get up and running. That program is a few hundred bucks, and I made it clear that I receive a commission from sales…it’s right there in the email and under the advertisement. Also, the INFORMATION in that program is amazing, outstanding, and totally worth every penny. I am already saving members tens of thousands of dollars by providing in the form it is in…is that not enough for you?
I am more than sorry uttering this so bluntly but we are dealing here with human health.
–I find it unfortunate that you describe your words as “blunt,” when they contain projection, false assumptions, and verbal abuse.
People are suffering so at least give them sense of dignity.
–You want me to give people a sense of dignity, because people are suffering? My response to that is: I take on a tremendous amount of responsibility and risk with this website. I feel that everything I do gives people who learn from me or purchase my products a “sense of dignity,” yet I also know that peoples’ sense of themselves is a deeply personal thing that I can hope to impact, but cannot expect to be able to. Yes, people are suffering, and I recognize that you are suffering as well, and I feel tortured by the locked logic in your email to me. It’s incredibly difficult to read so many projections and false assumptions phrased as accusations. It would be much easier, if you would just make a request, you know? I mean…just ask where the info might be…or nominate a health care practitioner…or ask how to log in properly.
…if you are unhappy…just cancel your membership
…if you’d like something in particular…just ask…
…if you can’t find something…just ask…

…we are in this together and is here to help. If you expect to get well from tinnitus without spending money on your own therapy, learning, or growth, then I personally don’t feel you’ll be very effective…but good luck to you!
October 21, 2011, during the release of 3.0
I wrote
hey,i just wanted to get in touch and say that i really appreciate your subscription to newsletter. this is a mass email, so some of you are members.the last few months have been amazingly stressful for me, and well, i’m to the point where tinnitus is no longer a concern for me, where i am facing real life issues that well — i’ll talk about later. but only in private and only with members.the cure tinnitus show #28 is coming up, and our newly revamped site is currently being uploaded by an expensive expert.some of you know how much of a labor of love has been for me, how i’ve invested way more than i’ve gained financially. others may still see as a site that’s out to get money.

well, it’s not such a site, and the information has been an amazing part of many peoples’ “dealing and healing.”

i’m still getting all the systems running and if you are on this list, you will be getting a bunch of gifts and a special offer over the next few days.

after long contemplation and meditation, the cost of (not for current members of course) will be $497 to join and $37 per month for self paced, and $997 to join and $97 per month for guided support. our process, our materials, our research, our team, we deserve it and the site simply cannot function without adequate financial support.

we cannot help you if we do not receive financial compensation to exeed our costs, and i, dainis w michel, can’t keep funding and funding and funding while actually receiving gobs of criticism for even asking for money online.

anyway, again, even if you don’t join, or are a current member, the next few days will be magical, because i’ll remind you of things available at the site, or you’ll receive gifts of articles videos and such.

if you are a member, then consider this a solid, positive, and friendly reminder to make sure you have all of the 4  program guidelines in place in your life.

you will have the opportunity, if you have not joined yet, to join at the “old prices,” which basically, don’t have that initial larger amount to start.

people do not like to “save money” when dealing with their health. i think that makes a lot of sense. i am firmly against a “profit based” health system, especially when there are no rewards for creating effective inexpensive solutions to health issues.

anyway, stay tuned for some wonderful reminders, great free resources, and a special opportunity to save some money on membership.

here to help,
dainis w michel

please: unsubscribe if you don’t want to hear from me or anymore. i totally understand, ok? there are lots of angry broke enraged people with tinnitus out there. they’ve flamed my forums, they’ve threatened me, they’ve called my best efforts for helping “blood money” when i had a 1cent trial offer — and they’ve caused me an incredible amount of suffering and yes: tears. so, if you are angry, enraged, stupid, futile, hopeless, or wrong, please unsubscribe and don’t be in touch anymore. in a sense, i can honestly say “take your tinnitus and leave,” as “mean” as that may seem, people who solidly insist on remaining ill are really negative to have around and if you are one of those people: you scare me, please unsubscribe. if you are interested in the very best a group of therapists, doctors, and people who’ve healed themselves of tinnitus could do for you, to help, to save you money, to save you pain, then stay tuned and stick around. our process helps. a lot. yes, you might have to learn to deal with the pain before you can get better, and you might have to get a bit better before you can get a lot better, but there is a lot you can do and we can support you in your process.

Response from Q (who i have tried to block from the site and from my emails for over a year, and who still somehow gets through):
Dainis,As I mentioned to you before, I am almost healed…through laser….
Of course you can’t make money of that, so it is of no importance to you, but I thought I mention it again…Good luck with sucking money from the tinnitus people.Q
I wrote back:
thank you, are you ready to put your real name and picture under that response. i will gladly post your comments.sincerely,
dainis w michel
and received the following response from Q:
Despicable. In certain countries people would incarcerated for what you do.Bow out and don’t offer false hope to people who suffer from tinnitus.Get a job, asshole!
I am going to add a clause to my agreement for use of this website which will state that abusive language is grounds not only for dismissal, but for exposure. I wonder what further actions can be taken. The thing is, this interchange relates to tinnitus a lot.
Tinnitus, for example, can be the physical manifestation of allowing oneself to be abused. Of “somatizing” the abuse. (
Next is, I am not anonymous. In order to send mass emails, for example, I have to put my physical address into the form, however, frankly, is someone like “Q” actually dangerous — physically dangerous?
It’s a valid question and begins to explain why public figures sometimes find themselves receding, hiding — because of a few angry, violent, abusive souls who still somehow gain access to their targets.
There is nothing at all wrong with being dissatisfied with or our program. I have done my absolute best with it and am open to input of all kinds.
How though, do I handle not only “people like Q,” but the consciousness he/she embodies?
Here is my response to Q:
i remember now trying to block you from my email, my servers, etc.i understand, malice, anger, fear, projection, blame — they often seek the shelter of anonymity but still need to be fed attention.

i am respecting your anonymity but do not wish to receive abusive communications. if you are willing to engage in  mutually respectful public discourse using your real name and picture, then i am happy to continue discussion.

Module 4 Summary and Video

When you reach Level 4, you are motivated. You’ve done very well. You aren’t stuck anymore.

The following video gives you guidelines for how to continue your path towards complete liberation from tinnitus.

Level 4: Motivated

  • Module: Putting Your Motivation To Work
  • Tinnitus is like a: Teacher. (more…)

Interview with Jennifer Battaglino (LCSW, CHT) Tinnitus Therapist

Recorded May 19, 2010.

Interview History Below…

A member nominated Jennifer Battaglino as an expert to be interviewed, and we are thrilled she’s agreed. Here’s what’s happened so far:


Well I got a lot of mail contact with Jennifer Battaglino. She is my candidate. Her work is based on the ideas from Kevin Hogan. She has some great results, and she specializes in tinnitus. When you buy the Tinnitus Reduction program from Hogan, you first can do a teleconsult with her. That’s the step Kevin Hogan reccomends…A lot of experience she has.

For more info, visit

> Dear Jennifer Battaglino,
> Having found: You CAN Fly…With Tinnitus, No Magic Pill for Tinnitus,
> Tinnitus and Intimacy, SPADE and Tinnitus, Physical Causes of Tinnitus, and
> Emotional Causes of Tinnitus listed as blog articles on your website; along
> with the recommendation I received from one of my members
> below; I feel confident that your work is synergistic with the work I am
> doing at
> I’ve interviewed Kevin Hogan, Paul Tobey, David Meyerson, Dr. Hans Greuel,
> and others regarding tinnitus, I host regular Cure Tinnitus Shows with our
> resident expert Julian Cowan Hill, and I would very much like to invite you
> to an interview to talk about tinnitus and the path of healing for people
> with tinnitus.
> Looking forward to hearing from you,
> Sincerely,
> Dainis W. Michel
> Founder

> Dear Dainis,
> Thank you for your email and I am would be happy to do an interview with
> you. I had the chance to view your website and your mission statement which
> I agree with. We need a multi-modal approach if we are to cure tinnitus.
> It’s interesting that we are finding one another now as Kevin and I just
> updated our Tinnitus book to encompass all the various approaches and I get
> into attacking tinnitus from all angles.
> I will be out of town for the next week but I will have access to email on
> a regular basis. Just let me know what the next step is and what you
> propose to do.
> My Best
> Jennifer

Member Questions
— Is it gonna be a movie like a regular tinnitus-show?
Yes, most likely, if she agrees
— Is she the only one to be interviewed?
For this interview, yes, however in the member area we have Kevin Hogan, Paul Tobey, Dr. Greuel, and coming up, we’ll have Paul Carrington, and I think there are some others, but it’s not coming to me right now…
— Can members send in their questions?
Yes, and that will be very interesting
— Is there a chance that you’ll look for collaboration, uhh, how do I say, maybe more expertise involved?
Yes, that’s a part of the mission of, not learning from 1 person who healed himself (Julian), but learning from many people who have healed themselves, including members who wind up willing to share (odd, tinnitus is, people feel ashamed, scared, etc.)
— The more knowledge integrated the more people are aware of it’s healingproces:-)
I agree…
— When will it take place?
I’ve suggested some times within the next few weeks

Member Video

Interview with Paul Carrington of Banish Tinnitus Scheduled — eBook Review

Dear visitors, members, and subscribers. I’ve booked an interview with the author of the eBook Banish Tinnitus: Silence The Ringing In 3 Easy Steps.

If you have any questions for Paul, please post them as comments here.

I’m looking forward to a great interview.