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Cure Tinnitus Show #8

Here is a YouTube Show Excerpt for folks getting to know us. The Complete Archived Show is available for members below…

Discussion of the From Tinnitus to Liberation eCourse: 7 Levels. 

  1. Finding Hope
  2. Easing Struggle
  3. Accepting Your Role in Tinnitus
  4. Putting Your Motivation to Work
  5. Letting go
  6. Gaining Power Over Tinnitus
  7. Liberation
  8. Graduate

RAT – Recently Acquired Tinnitus Survival eCourse.

Hello Dainis – Thanks for the time on the phone this morning. It is not coincidence that I saw your earlier e-mail I received this am, right at the time I realized my tinnitus was gone. Evidently, the Universe meant for you to hear that. I was inspired to take the more holistic approach due to your website and the page I read when I got the tinnitus out of the blue in mid-May. That page is entitled, “Look after yourself properly and your tinnitus will take care of itself.” Reading this page over and over was very helpful for me for the first few days. It motivated me to take a hollistic approach, get a good diet, better approach to life, etc. Now, as I talked to my friend Maureen Higgins, who is an incredible holistic psycho-therapist in Minneapolis – see She said the tinnitus was, and she was clear, a sign that the Universe was giving me that I had to change something. In this sense, she said it is a good thing – helping you out – not to be afraid of, but to embrace. So, I explored a bit. I noticed that the first time my ears had an issue was May 2008, exactly one year ago, where a little tinnitus was there – but mainly a middle ear infection noticed after flying. Then again in Oct. 2008 after the flu. But I noticed both of these things had two things in common – stress, plus I was giving a lecture in my field of mathematics that I havn’t lectured on for many years after switching to another field. So, I was very nervous and it brought up issues of my being not smart as I was told from my mother when i was very young. She also felt the wrold was dangerous. That put me on a path of being very very competitive and wanting to be #1 in my field. Well, I accomplished that – see, but lately it has gotten very stressful to do my work in such a driven fashion. So, I decided to make a new approach to my work – adopting the approach that the world is wonderful, I am taken care of, and I should work in a more fun fashion, and be more easy. This will take work, but the realization of this was made a day ago. After I made it, the next day, the tinnitus was essentially gone. She said that this is how it works, you have to peel away the layers of deep issues you don’t necessarily see. She said a lot more, and you may want to talk to her. She definitely did wonders for me. For me, the tinnitus resolution seems to consist of dealing with: major stress, life changes as described, eg, diet. I believe Maureen Higgins offers something that may benefit you and many others.

It is a strange time in my life right now: I will be moving from DC to the NYC area — having just moved from Italy back in DC in January — am starting a new job, and am trying to work through the complexities of a trans-continental relationship — not exactly the best scenario to relax and get my system out of red-altert! But I’m doing my best!

(All wounding happens in relationship)

What happens if the onset incident of my tinnitus is surgery?

A retired police officer 70 years old, tinnitus for decades. Deafness as a result of the gunshot? Any hope for people like this? Bombs, innocent victims, combat, war, etc.

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Cure Tinnitus Show #7

Topics covered

Questions Gathered

  • Taking responsibility for your own health, getting into optimal physical shape, these are all great things Dainis promotes as part of his advice. The critical flaw, imo, is Julian Cowan’s views do not address the issue of permanent ear damage and resulting permanent ringing. Simply getting out of fight-or-flight and relaxing the nervous system in no way mean the ringing will subside. So I don’t understand Julian’s oversight there –save for the fact he is a Cranial Sacral therapist ; ). That said, Dainis’ website is not ill intended or meant to defraud so I thought it worthwhile to call off the witch hunt re that angle
  • Hang in there – technology just might catch up to us – I heard they are trying to recreate the hairs on the cochlea to reverse damage – they are actually trying to do it – can you imagine?
  • Sometimes, you know you are heading into a situation that will almost certainly cause the tinnitus to flare up. How does one approach such situations if they are in fact unavoidable? This is especially poignant if you’ve made some progress and don’t want “to lose” that progress.
  • Abuse and tinnitus: cause effect.

One on one session with Dainis (a few minutes).

Exercise for everyone to practice together: Focusing. The focusing exercise brought out

  • sadness
  • more “busy in head” than in the body
  • how does sadness feel in the body
  • what’s OK right now
  • realization
  • opening
  • facing the sadness as a beautiful garden with good oxygen, which shows connection with subconscious awareness
  • spike in tinnitus
  • space opening
  • self massage
  • taking care of yourself
  • hot facecloth
  • jaw exercise
  • getting appropriate help (better to get help from other people than to go at it alone)
  • can always try letting go
  • you always have a body that gives you information
  • learning about fight or flight, overwhelm, shock, trauma, and learning how to dissolve those states is a very useful life skill.

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Cure Tinnitus Show #6

  • What helps and what aggravates tinnitus?
  • I visited the tinnitus clinic at the University of Maryland; they recommend various modes of sound-therapy-based habituation programs — whether it be with a hearing aid, a noise generator, neuromonics (a fancy sound therapy that utilizes classical music and tailored sound therapy.) These therapies seem interesting but are very expensive. Are they consistent with the general approach by Julian Cowan Hill and Dr. Greuel?
  • Are there any negative consequences (beyond those to one’s finances!) in pursuing such therapies? How does one break out of the “checking” phase? The internal scenario I’m thinking of is somthing like this: “I’ve been trying to implement relaxation, refocus, and body-based therapies for a month or so and my tinnitus hasn’t really backed off much…” Then mild panic can begin to creep in: “Maybe this isn’t going to work… blah blah blah.” Which, of course, refocuses attention to the tinnitus and becomes something off a self-fulfilling prophecy. How does one just let go!?
  • My situation is bit more complicated because I have pulsatile tinnitus. Some say that this more frequently has some sort of “structural” component. My CAT scan did show that some little bone separating an artery from my ear was a good bit thinner on the side where I have pulsatile tinnitus. Thus, the ENT said if nothing else worked they could try to artifically thicken that bone. Scary stuff! Yet, I’m sure the bone was that way well before I had pulsatile tinnitus. And there have been brief periods where it has receded — I’m sure this is not due to the bone magically thickening. So the question: can the methods espoused up to this point on the Tinnitus Show work for pulsatile tinnitus where there might be a physiological component? (I should add that the ENT did not think that the bone thickness was likely the root cause.)
  • Hello,  Thank you for your response, however I am as aware as you are that there is no cure and probably will not be a cure in the forseable future. I’ve been to Dr Shulman and j. Bataglino.  I realize now that paying attention to T is the wrong direction. Waiting and hoping and looking for a cure is putting your life on hold. Ignore it and live as if it was not there. That is the way to go. I think I realize that this is the opposite of what you are all about. I tried vitamins, drugs, biofeedback, sometimes I think about suicide as the only real cure, Please help me.
  • What are some daily practical things that can be done to take one out of fight or flight, something that each day one can do to focus oneself. (Discussion of “running commentary” technique).

Here is a YouTube Show Excerpt for folks getting to know us. The Complete Archived Show is available for members further below…


Cure Tinnitus Show #5

I kicked this show off with possibly the most antagonistic question I’ve ever posed Julian. The credibility of this site, his credibility, and our entire effort at is put to the test. After a jolting start, this show wound up being quite soothing. I hope that I represented the “anger” in and with tinnitus well, and that this show serves our community long long long into the future.


Here is a YouTube Show Excerpt for folks getting to know us. The Complete Archived Show is available for members below…

Transcript Available for members below (preview for visitors)

Show #5

Dainis:  Welcome everyone and welcome to the 5th episode of the Cure Tinnitus show. My name is Dainis Michel. I’m your host and we have Julian Cowan Hill as our guest expert.  Julian had tinnitus for 20 yrs and he healed himself.  He is a craniosacral therapist and he works with core process psychology and Buddhist psychology and has over 3000 hours of work with  clients and he has dedicated himself to helping us get better with tinnitus so Julian thank you very much for joining us and for being here and helping us.  I’ll tell you about how the structure of the show is.  I’ll start with a few announcements and then we’re going to cover questions that I gathered during the week and then we’re going to do a one on one session between me and Julian about my personal tinnitus and after that all of will be able to do an exercise together.

As questions come up in your mind just chat them over and we’ll have time to focus on your questions towards the end of the show.  One of the announcements that I’ve got is really interesting.  Its kind of the theme for this show:  and the theme for this show is what relieves and what aggravates tinnitus.  We have a post on that in the community on what aggravates and what relieves tinnitus.  So let’s just keep that in the backs of our minds as we go through the show.  One of the announcements was about an article  that’s available to the community  “what are tinnitus people like?” and that’s actually from Tinnitus:  From Tyrant to Friend” that Julian wrote.

A member wrote:  “That list is somewhat frightening especially when I can identify with at least 80% of it.  But with the help of this site I am leaning to deal with such things and my tinnitus is becoming less and less noticeable.”   Isn’t that neat? And I wanted to say thank you so much for sharing what’s working for you, thank you.   Another announcement is that I discontinued the free membership preview in the format that it was in before.  We will have some free “getting to know you” content for e-mail subscribers so you can keep that in mind if and when you recommend “ to people.  These curetinnitus shows are going to become more private in the future. I’m not sure about the details of that but we’ve got a lot of efforts going outward and it’s going to become important for as an electronic and online community to develop reciprocity and fair exchange and just not broadcast out but in the sense of community to make them a little more private because right now we’re just available to everyone.  I interviewed Paul Tobey who is a pianist Wednesday of last week and I want to let everybody know that after the interview I was editing it and my wife looked over my shoulder and she heard a little bit of it and she wanted to watch the whole thing so we wound up watching the whole thing before going to bed.  So there’s an interview with Paul Tobey.  He’s created a product called “tinnitus-free living” and you can check that out on the member area.  Somebody sent us a comment saying “I’d like to see a deep relaxation package/product with soothing music, guided meditations, a self-help questionnaire and resource material.”  Thank you very much for helping let us know how we can serve you better.  That’s a big part of the community.  For you to let us know what we can do for you.  We do have some meditations and there are some exercises in Julian’s book, Tinnitus: From Tyrant to Friend” and we’re working on putting together some meditations with music.  We’re still looking at how we can do that best.  Again, I do have a satisfaction survey where I’m going to be calling members for a 15 min survey on your experiences at and that’s going to start on Monday May 11.  I’ll have a post in the community about that and I’ll be able to make direct contact with members who choose to participate and I can ask them how they like it and what we can do better.

Just so you know, Julian and I have been working on a “recently acquired tinnitus” product and it’s been really fun and it’s been really engaging so we’re putting that together and it’s turning out to be really fun.

On to questions gathered.  I’ve got a steamy one. This is SO nasty.
Are you ready?

“I find your claims, Mr. Michel, to cure tinnitus to be a bit arrogant when experts like the doctors at OHSU (and I mean no disrespect to doctors I’m just emphasizing the word doctors) admit they don’t have the answers. Just what are your credentials to be appearing as a self-proclaimed expert and guru here.  I see no medical referencing credentials regarding yourself. The writing I see here causes me to put you in the same boat as Dr. Phil and that is sad that you choose to self-create such a phony persona.  The latest dribble you e-mailed just proves that to me.  Too bad that many many real people are seeking relief but I won’t follow a self-proclaimed guru with no reality check.”

Now Julian, I don’t know if you want to respond to that.  I have a bit of a response.  Maybe I can do that first which is “who is this person talking to?  Is this person talking to you?  Or is this person talking to me? Is this person talking to Kevin Hogan or Dr. Mike Matthews from who is a retired family practitioner but he then joined our community and made a few posts. Are you talking to Paul Tobey?   Maybe, Julian, you can do a better job of responding.

Julian:  Well, this person sounds very angry and I don’t think this program is about gurus at all. A guru is when you (more…)

The Cure Tinnitus Show Episode #1

What fun! Here is the uncut, unedited full-length show. Julian Cowan Hill and Dainis W. Michel do their best to tame the “Mighty Tinnitey!” Julian cured himself of tinnitus and dedicated his life to teaching others how to do the same. We mumble around a bit in the beginning, and then the format of the show was:

  1. Intros
  2. Questions from people with tinnitus
  3. Live tinnitus coaching session Dainis W. Michel as patient and Julian Cowan Hill as coach
  4. Wrap up